"Eldorado" featured in September Choral Journal of ACDA

Donna Menhart, a choral conductor and pedagogue, published an article in the September Choral Journal of the American Choral Directors Association titled "Literacy in the Choral Classroom: A Pedagogical Analysis Celebrating Contemporary Choral Compositions."  This article was the culmination of the author's project analyzing and creating a pedagogical sequence for the recent choral works commissioned by the Organization of American Kodály Educators as part of the Ruth Boshkoff Composition Prize.  Ms. Menhart included "Eldorado," composed for the Boshkoff Prize in 2012, in her project.

This article comes after Dr. Menhart presented her work in a session in the 2016 OAKE National Conference titled "Choral Works of the 21st Century: Celebrating Commissioned Works in Honor of Zoltán Kodály" (synopsis copied below).

Choral Works of the 21st Century: Celebrating Commissioned Works in Honor of Zoltán Kodály

This presentation includes a pedagogical analysis of five pieces commissioned by OAKE from 2011-2015, two for the children's choir, two for the youth choir, and one for the women's choir. The objectives are to promote the use of contemporary choral repertoire, to provide suggestions for educators to efficiently incorporate literacy through performance repertoire, and to construct a template for a sequence that may be used with these specific pieces as well as choral selections in other styles using rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic elements and consistencies. In the tradition of the music education philosophy of Zoltán Kodály, this presentation will use folk songs and musicianship sol-fa exercises as the stepping stones to create connections and transitions between students' past musical experience, their present musical understanding, and their confident musical futures. Attendees will enjoy singing excerpts from these selections as well as viewing excerpts of the OAKE National Honors Choirs world premiere performances.