Praise for "Byzantine Dances"

In the Winter 2017 issue of The Triangle (page 11), the magazine of the Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Fraternity, reviewer Sherry Kloss wrote this about Rebecca Jeffreys's album Poems and Dreams:

"Upon listening to Poems and Dreams, a collection of original works superbly performed by flutist Rebecca Jeffreys and pianist Alexander Timofeev, you will be convinced that new music is alive and thriving. Composers Russell Nadel (Phi Gamma, Washington DC Alumni), Jeffrey Hoover (Beta Omega, ACME), Adrienne Albert (Phi Nu, Los Angeles Alumni, ACME), Francis Kayali, and Kevin Walker demonstrate that they are the new representatives of what is contemporary today. Without question, knowledge and understanding of our great compositional legacy is their guiding light. We readily recognize tools of the trade like imitation, harmonic progressions, catchy rhythmic patterns, and form, with both subtle and obvious cadences. What I wish to emphasize in this review is the emotional essence that characterizes each.

“Byzantine Dances” by Russell Nadel opens with a simple piano bass note and an effective swish of piano strings to introduce a purely melodic theme in the flute. The theme evolves and expands as the instruments’ voices intertwine in fervently passionate exchange; the listener is instantly captured by exotic rhythmic energy. Sumptuous color, modal use, and special effects pervade these mesmerizing dances, causing one to visualize a vibrant Middle Eastern square."